Initiated by Erasmus+ INTEM Program.


Master of Tourism (M.Par) title, within four semester.
Rekognisi Pembelajaran Lampau

Past Learning Recognition

For practitioner with two years experiences.


Regular and Non-regular class options.


Look forward to the next registration period.

Registration for the Master of Tourism Study Program is opened in two periods, namely the odd semester period and the even semester period. Registration time is in March – May for the initial period of odd semester lectures, and in November – December for the initial period of even semester lectures. 



The UPI Tourism Masters Study Program was established through the initiation of the INTEM Program which was initiated by five universities from within and outside the country. 

The INTEM program is a prestigious project funded by Erasmus+ in 2019. The INTEM program is a consortium of five universities, namely Leiden University in the Netherlands, UPI Bandung, UNPAD, STP Trisakti, and MAICh University, Greece. 

Fasilitas Kampus

Campus Facilities

Graduate Schools have complete academic facilities to support research, education and community service activities.  



The teaching and learning process is carried out independently hybrid (online + offline) with a choice of regular and non-regular classes available to students.



The syllabus and lecture process for the UPI Master of Tourism are research-based and focus on the development of tourism science through research.

Pengabdian pada masyarakat

Community dedication

Community service programs are designed with an integrative approach and focus on solving problems in the community.  

Experienced Lecturer

Interdisciplinary Approach

Traditionally, the higher education curriculum for tourism in Indonesia was developed by focusing on certain specific disciplines. However, tourism is a field of science that develops through the support of other disciplines. Therefore, the best approach to learning tourism is through an interdisciplinary approach.

The curriculum of the Master of Tourism Study Program was developed by a consortium of five domestic and foreign universities with an interdisciplinary scientific approach to tourism. The context of tourism is studied holistically and in depth through each of the courses offered.  

Experienced Lecturer Team

The Master of Tourism Study Program has qualified lecturers with in-depth experience. All teaching lecturers are graduates from the best universities at home and abroad with excellent academic achievements. 

The lecturers have extensive networks in the tourism industry and have contributed a lot to the development of Indonesian tourism. Through the scientific background and qualified experience of its teaching lecturers, the Master of Tourism offers the best postgraduate programs in the field of tourism.

International Cooperation Program

UPI's Master of Tourism Study Program focuses on developing international standard study programs. The plan was initiated through the study program's vision to obtain International Recognition in the Implementation of Postgraduate Education in the Tourism Sector.

Currently, the Tourism Masters Study Program has collaborated with various world-class universities for cooperation in the fields of education, research and community service. In 2021 ago, Prof. Alastair Morrison from Greenwich University and Dr Rasidah Hamid from UiTM became Visiting Professors in the Master of Tourism study program.

Why was the Master of Tourism Study Program established?

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