Pedagogic Studies

PS703 - Kajian Pedagogik
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2 credits

The learning objectives of the Pedagogic Studies course are for students to understand basic pedagogic concepts and apply them in the tourism context. In addition, another goal of this course is to help students understand best practices in classroom management and effective learning processes.

The scope of lecture material studied in this course includes:

  • Pedagogic Concept
  • Learning Theory
  • Learning strategies
  • Learning Evaluation
Kajian Pedagogik

The Pedagogic Studies Course is a compulsory subject in all postgraduate (master) programs at the Indonesian University of Education. Course information can be downloaded at the following link.

After completing this course, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Understand basic pedagogic concepts. By studying the Pedagogic Studies course, students will understand basic pedagogic concepts such as learning theories, learning stages, and the factors that influence the learning process.
  2. Able to understand how the class management process. By studying the Pedagogic Studies course, students will understand best practices in class management including the management strategy of the individuals in the class.
  3. Able to develop effective learning strategies. Students will learn various types of learning strategies and how to develop effective learning strategies according to the material being taught.
  4. Able to evaluate the learning process. Students will learn about learning evaluation and how to evaluate the learning process effectively.