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The curriculum is developed with an interdisciplinary approach to gain a holistic and integrative understanding of tourism phenomena.

The lecture syllabus is prepared for professionals and prospective tourism industry professionals in order to develop their expertise and knowledge in the field of tourism. 

UPI's Master of Tourism curriculum is designed to prepare individuals to become prospective professionals and experts in the field of tourism. Through an integrative lecture process, students learn the concept of regenerative and sustainable tourism, and are required to be able to implement the concepts learned through a variety of project channels, practice and independent study. The profile of graduates from the Master of Tourism Study Program itself is as follows:

  • Researcher and Tourism Consultant. Students will learn the latest tourism concepts and models which can be a preparation to become a professional consultant.
  • Practitioners and Professionals in the Field of Tourism. Becoming a professional practitioner in the field of tourism does not only require hard skills, but also requires the ability to synthesize concepts. The Master of Tourism Study Program prepares students to become holistic practitioners with in-depth knowledge.
  • Tourism Academics. The Master of Tourism curriculum is also designed to prepare individuals who wish to pursue a career in tourism education.
  • Tourism policy makers. Through the various core courses and electives offered, students are equipped with sufficient skills for a career in government related to the management and development of tourism destinations.

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