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History of Establishment

The Tourism Masters Study Program at the Indonesian Education University was officially established on April 6, 2020 through the UPI Chancellor's Decree. The decision letter is based on the issuance of a decision to fulfill the proposed study program issued by BAN-PT, and begins accepting students in February 2021, in the even semester period of the 2020/2021 academic year.

This study program was initiated in 2019 through the INTEM with funding from Erasmus+. Implementing the INTEM program is a consortium of five universities (Leiden University, UPI, UNPAD, STP Trisakti, and MAICh University). This program then produces an international tourism curriculum which is the basis for the Master of Tourism curriculum.



The scientific philosophy of the Master of Tourism leads to tourism science that is interdisciplinary, cultural and community-based, and promotes regenerative tourism.


Programme Vision

Obtaining Recognition at the National and International levels for the Implementation of Postgraduate Education in Tourism in 2025.



Masters in Tourism uses an international curriculum, qualified teaching lecturers from the best foreign and domestic universities, as well as proximity to industry.

Tourism Project

The Master of Tourism Study Program provides opportunities for students to contribute to tourism-related projects, both projects initiated by internal and external study programs, with the opportunity to convert projects into lecture credits.


The curriculum offered is designed to be completed within three to four semesters of lectures, with a total of 11 to 12 MK courses with a total of 38 credits (including Thesis).

Industrial Network

The Master of Tourism Study Program has a wide network in the tourism sector which provides opportunities for students to get the best insights and experiences from practitioners and professionals in the tourism sector.